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Nuestras recetas favoritas/Our favourite recipes

Hello we are going to say which is our favorite meal and how.
Ingredients for 6 people

     ¾ liters of milk
     120 grams of flour
     30 grams sugar
     30 grams of cocoa powder
     45 grams of butter
     3 eggs
     4 tablespoons of beer


Beat the eggs together with the cocoa powder and sugar.

While beatingadd to the mix the butter, flour and milk.

Finallyadd the tablespoon of beer, mix and leave in a bowl overnight.

The next daybathe a pan with a little butterand when it reaches a high temperature, we take a spoonful of our pasta and when 25 seconds have passed the turn for another 25 seconds.

In our choice and will eat pancakes or add cream, jam or ice cream.

Spanish Omelette.
Ingredients for four people

-1 kg of potatoes.
-1 big onion.
-8 eggs.
-Extra virgin olive oil.

Peel the onion and the potatoes. Dice the onion into very small pieces and put it in a large pot with a lot of oil. Chop the potatoes into slices in a pot. Fry everything on a medium heat, removing from the hob from time to time, until the potatoes are fully cooked and golden brown. Prepare two recipients, add the four eggs and beat. Then add half of the chopped potatoes and onions. Coat a frying pan with a little oil. Cook the egg mixture on a high setting and then later turn the heat down. Turn the tortilla so that it is browned on either side and serve hot. (Repeat this process to make the second omelette).

Alejandra Lao- 2eso A

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